Saturday, October 23, 2010 - Ensign Article - “What Think Ye of Christ?” - Ensign Article - “What Think Ye of Christ?”

One day, while thumbing through my files, I found a fundamental key to motivation in a quote by President David O. McKay. He said, “What you sincerely in your heart think of Christ will determine what you are, will largely determine what your acts will be.” (In Conference Report, Apr. 1951, p. 93.)

Jesus Christ- ever our North Star
In truth, is never far
Lighting our mind as our heart guides too
Let us place Him there, then feel...and do


  1. What think ye of Christ?
    Can one record suffice?
    Let's each write from the heart
    And submit what imparts...

    I wrote a poem to Him today
    Annonymously to say
    What each week I leave unsaid
    As spiritually I am fed

    He will come to us some day
    Let's prepare rich words to say
    With hearts grown tender, warm, and deep
    Let's gather oil and watch keep

  2. What Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John thought of the Savior...

    The lion of Judah
    He the King of the Jews
    Is Diety in the flesh
    And ever good news

    His life as a man
    Daily journeyed
    Interacting with all
    He knows of each need

    Peaceful like an ox
    Ever observant
    Teaching as He walks
    He is but a servant

    An eagle with keen sight
    As though on a perch
    Perspective and insight
    Makes eternal His church

    thoughts from:
    Mark's Gospel my favorite; what's yours?
    Jerry Earl Johnston
    Mormon Times
    12 January 2011